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Cabinet Repainting, Cabinet Painting Portsmouth, Portsmouth Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting Services by Portsmouth Painting Company

Transform your Cabinets with our expert finishes.

At Portsmouth Painting Company, we specialize in bringing new life to your cabinets with the latest Poly 2K finishes. Painting Kitchen Cabinets is no easy task. Let the professionals take care of everything. With our state-of-the-art spray equipment, ventilators, drying racks, and air scrubbers, we can transform your kitchen to look brand new for a fraction of the cost of expensive replacement! Not to mention, we can do it in a fraction of the time as a lengthy renovation.

Why Choose Us?

Experience You Can Trust. With over 20 years of experience working with New England families, Portsmouth Painting Company has built a solid reputation as a reliable and skilled provider of interior painting services. Our long-standing relationships with our clients testify to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality Craftsmanship: Our team of professional painters is committed to delivering the highest standard of workmanship. We use premium paints and materials to ensure a flawless and durable finish that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your cabinets for years to come.

Personalized Service: We understand that every home and project is unique. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. From color consultations to final touch-ups, we are detail oriented.

Efficient and Clean: We value your time and space. Our team works efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily life and maintain a clean and organized work environment. We take great care in protecting your home and belongings throughout the painting process.

Our Repainting Process

Consultation and Planning: We begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your goals and provide expert advice on color choices and finishes.
Preparation: Our team meticulously prepares your cabinets, including cleaning, sanding, and priming, to ensure optimal paint adhesion and a smooth finish.
Painting: Using high-quality paints and professional techniques, we apply multiple coats to achieve a rich, even color and a durable finish.
Inspection and Touch-Ups: After painting, we conduct a thorough inspection and make any necessary touch-ups to ensure every inch of your cabinets looks amazing.
Final Clean-Up: We leave your home spotless, with beautifully repainted cabinets ready to enjoy.


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Ready to give your cabinets a stunning makeover? Contact Portsmouth Painting Company today for a free consultation and estimate.

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Let us help you transform your cabinets and enhance the beauty of your home.

Cabinet Repainting, Cabinet Painting Portsmouth, Portsmouth Cabinet Painting
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Cabinet Repainting, Cabinet Painting Portsmouth, Portsmouth Cabinet Painting